A biography of Peter Wyngarde is long overdue. The actor was one of the faces of the '60s, an actor with a magnetic screen presence which the camera caught brilliantly. Wyngarde always brought an edge to a character portrayal, a sense of dynamism, smouldering sexuality and an intense presence. Effortlessly he dominated the screen. Wyngarde was already a familiar face when the character he portrayed, 'Jason King', catapulted him to world recognition. Simply the man dazzled, and exuded star quality. How fortunate therefore that Roger Langley's meticulously researched, well constructed, and skilfully written work does Wyngarde great credit.
      This thorough work comprehensively covers every decade of his life. We learn a lot about the man as well as the public persona. He comes across as a true individual, a man treading a unique path. Obviously crafted over a period of time, the research is evident on every page. This is a brilliant biography of a distinguished actor, written with both warmth and insight. Mr Wyngarde should be well gratified. This book does him proud.                                                                                                         David Barrie

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Thank you for the biography. I am a huge Wyngarde fan and I was very impressed with the amount of information and research you have put into the book. Very well done, I'm sure Peter would be very impressed and proud of the work you have done.                                                         Online purchaser

      I am a massive fan of the actor Peter Wyngarde and I really enjoyed reading the biography you wrote about him. I think he is a much underrated actor and I am very glad you took the great effort of committing the story of his extraordinary life to paper. The book is a most wonderful treat for his fans.  Online purchaser

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* This is a brilliant biography of a distinguished actor, written with both warmth and insight.
* A great book. Well done on all the work and time that must have gone into it!
* Excellent biography, packed with information about the actor's 50 year career, with some great rare pictures!
* If it is as good as the Patrick McGoohan biography then it should be a splendid book!
* Excellent book. Very informative.
* What a wonderful book.

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